Happy Father looking for Apprenticeship jobs.

Active Military and Veterans

According to the American Council on Education, we should expect approximately 1.5 million veterans will join/re-join the civilian workforce over the next 3 to 5 years, which represents a 29% increase over average yearly transition numbers.

Our question upon hearing this statistic was, “who will help these heroes as they rejoin the civilian workforce?” “How do we support our Veterans, active military and their families, and the current workforce?  Ultimately we asked ourselves, “how do we support the talents and skills of our veterans and future workforce?”

Workforce Development

That’s why we created TalentGro.  Hamilton-Ryker TalentGro is a smart, effective Workforce Development Solutions whose mission is to meet today’s hiring challenges. By using a multi-tiered approach, we can address various skills gaps and provide soft skills training and training programs to meet industry demands. We carefully evaluate the skills and aptitude of each candidate and then provide training and development to address both strengths and weaknesses. TalentGro is unlike any other solution as we are committed to delivering fundamentally different Workforce Development Solutions and Apprenticeship Jobs that meet current employment demands and creates a talent pool that can produce better results.

Training Programs & Soft Skills Training

We take our job, and each veteran’s career and future, very seriously. By collaborating with support organizations such as TrainOurTroops, we are able to offer U.S. veterans, and their spouses, the opportunities to learn critical business skills and solutions needed to launch a brand-new career or augment their existing skill sets in their current organization.

Employers are looking for self-confident people who can manage themselves as well as others. They are looking for people who are motivated, flexible, and resourceful. Our military job seekers possess these qualities as well as experience unmatched by their peers creating a candidate of the highest caliber. Contact us today and let’s begin the journey together.

Happy Military Father with kids after learning about Workforce Development Solutions and Apprenticeship Jobs from Hamilton Ryker staffing agency.


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